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Rainey Amore

Name: Monique L. Spearman

Born and raised: Seattle, Washington

Living in: Abu Dhabi, UAE

I've manifested a zeal for photography since the young age of 12, where my parents enrolled me in the photography program  "Youth In Focus."   "Youth in Focus" gave me a camera and access to a dark room where I was allowed to let my imagination and creativity run wild through the art of photography.

Fast forward three years later to 9th grade, I took my first international trip to Japan. I stayed with a local family and I was immersed into their culture with open arms. I knew that I had a love for travel and photography that could not be contained!

I believe "Everything has beauty but not everyone can see it,"  in that belief I know it is my destiny to travel and to share the beauty of the world with others. 

Follow my adventures as I discover fashion, lifestyle, makeup and photography

Hope you enjoy